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Eymeric Francois – FW16 Haute Couture ”Legends” at SFW

The city of Novi Sad in Serbia will be the European Capital of Fashion in 2021 and here’s why: Svetlana Horvat, the President of Serbia Fashion Week, worked tirelessly with an international team to bring in a new Creative Director of Serbia Fashion Week. He’s an elegant man with a big heart, a french one, and is very well-known in the Haute Couture fashion industry. That man is Eymeric Francois. He was able to bring ”Legends” to the catwalk of Serbia Fashion Week and his Fall/Winter 2016-17 collection was, as to be expected, full of elegance and mystery. It was feminine and floaty, making all the models look like living legends, descended to Earth for a day. The collection was filled with long gowns, embellished with delicate fabrics and, for a select few elegant pieces, embellished with crystals.

The floor-length gowns in particular had an undeniable elegance, reflected in fine crystal embellishments. The delicate and artful placement of the crystals, extending from the neckline to beyond the hips, created captivating silhouettes. The gowns moved lithely and smoothly down the runway, billowing around the models as they walked, creating a celestial vision.

The definitive structure of the gown makes the wearer look powerful and strong, while the light fabric and intricate patterns simultaneously exude femininity. Francois’ utilization of full-sleeves is incredibly balanced, while his use of color makes the designs versatile for a plethora of women and easily translatable to day or night (although the event would have to be a ball either way).

Photo Credit: Svetlana Braun


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