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Gigi Hadid x Stuart Weitzman: Unstoppable

Photo courtesy of Getty Images
Photo courtesy of Getty Images

Amidst the vast array of shoes, coats and handbags for this year’s Fall wardrobe, behemoth brand Stuart Weitzman’s newest shoe collection may peak your interest.

In collaboration with renowned supermodel Gigi Hadid, Weitzman brings women their fiercest shoe yet. Released on October 25th 2016, the collection comes in three different colors: gun-metal metallic, copper and black croc-calf leather. Accompanied by a price tag ranging between $565 to $598, the boots are bound to become the newest “must” in every woman’s wardrobe.

“I was really thinking of myself in New York, running around everywhere during the day and at night. They have the ability to go from sexy to sporty, and they have an agility to them but a gracefulness at the same time.”

commented Hadid on the design process.

Photo courtesy of Stuart Weitzman
Photo courtesy of Stuart Weitzman

In the high-tech advertisement titled #DoItRight, Hadid plays a seductive boxer who, sporting her new boots, defeats all her adversaries. The shoot, which lasted for about twelve hours, was directed by none other than James Franco, who often aided Hadid when the shoot got too tiring.

“I was obviously so tired toward the end…and James was just super positive, and told me to embrace whatever I was feeling at that moment.”

said Hadid..

Released under Weitzman’s charity “Pencils of Promise,” a portion of the proceeds will go towards building schools in Ghana, Guatemala and Laos.

Albeit the metallic hook, eye closures, and extra-long shoelace, the boots revitalize the brand, allowing it capture an audience that, without Hadid and her resonance with the new generation, may never have been reached. Looks like Weitzman may be well on track to reach its zenith.

Photo courtesy of Stuart Weitzman
Photo courtesy of Stuart Weitzman

Lorenzo Bosso


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