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TAIWAN’s ‘Queen of Pop’ may be the new FASHION ICON?

Ladies and Gentlemen, if you don’t know Jolin Tsai, you will now, because I will be completely gushing about her and her style throughout this post.

Jolin Tsai is a singer, songwriter and actress hailing from Taiwan. At the age of 18, Tsai won her first singing competition on MTV. Since then she has sold over 25 million records in Asia and has founded her own music production and management company! Amazing right!

Check out her pipes:

Not only does Jolin have an amazing voice, but she also has excellent style! This petite (5″2 to be exact). Jolin is not afraid of taking fashion risks, even if she isn’t model height and let me tell you; people are noticing!

We love how she constantly is changing her look up, here are some of our fave looks, what do you think?

Look 1: rocking Fenty X Puma


Look 2: Ralph Lauren


Look 3: Gucci


Look 4 : DKNY


Look 5:  Lanvin


As you can see in all those looks,  Jolin is not afraid to have fun. Her style is so versatile, and she can easily pull off that edgy, punk look like she did, in look 1 and 5. She can also look effortlessly elegant and femine as you can see in the other looks.

Andrea Lewin


Andrea Lewin is an Australian based fashion stylist as well as a lifestyle blogger. Andrea is slightly celebrity obsessed and is always keeping up with who is dating who and what's the on-trend fashion.

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