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Electric & Rose: Performance Wear Chic

Reflecting the relaxed, bohemian vibe of Venice, California, L.A.-based performance lifestyle brand, Electric & Rose features inventive designs with skillful construction that are tailored for your active life. Blending together functionality with their beautifully hand dyed fabrics, Electric & Rose’s popular leggings, tops, jumpsuits and hoodies embody the fun, creative passion that the Southern California brand represents.

Electric & Rose founders, Eric Balfour and Erin Chiamulon wanted to share their passion for active living:

“We wanted to capture that feeling and turn it into something tangible that we could share.”

Their performance wear succeeds with versatile wearability and both breathable and comfortable.unspecified3

Crafted out of a shared passion for living a rewarding and healthy lifestyle, Electric & Rose captures the feeling of sunshine-filled Venice, California living. Whether you practice yoga, enjoy running on the beach, or like to surf after work, Electric & Rose’s L.A.-made garments leave you feeling stylish and confident while you pursue your active health and fitness goals. More than simply a clothing line, Electric & Rose’s team hopes to grow their brand while creating more community. Future plans for 2017 include Electric & Rose yoga retreats and neighborhood events.unspecified

This season, E & R’s collection features the theme of comfort and the founders promote the value of comfort in this season’s designs by having

“comfort in your clothes, comfort in being who you are, and comfort in knowing where you want to go.”

More comfortable than a pair of denim jeans, Electric & Rose’s popular cotton and hand dyed leggings are as chic on a hike as they are when worn while out to brunch with friends.

“It’s about clothes that make you want to be active and inspired to embrace life.”

E & R’s Crescent Leggings in Venice Print and the Sunset Leggings in hand-dyed Cabernet bring elements of vivid vitality and artistic motifs to your daily training routine. As imaginative athleisure, E & R’s fun graphic prints and extensive line of performance wear options will offer you innovative and individualistic designs during this transitional autumnal season. To discover Electric & Rose online, click HEREunspecified2

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