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4 Major Keys To Wearing HIGH HEELS

The transition from wearing flats or sneakers as a little girl to wearing high heels is a definite right of passage. It’s a life changing event that takes you from girl to grown ass woman.  Like going from training bra to Victoria Secret.  Or from clear chapstick to colored lipstick.  I’m talking serious fashion milestones here!  When I was younger, I would scroll through pages and pages of fashion magazines admiring the models shoe game.  Just dying for the day to do the same thing.  Around 13, my mom decided that I was “grown enough” to start wearing heels.  That same day, I ran to the mall, allowance in hand, in search of the tallest high heels that I could find.  I still laugh at the amount of time that I practiced walking around the house until I made my debut to the world.  Once I perfected, I hit the ground running…literally.  Nowadays, shopping for 8 hours, carrying around a niece or nephew, chasing someone down – all gets done in heels.  Which is why I’ve given myself the title of being a Stiletto Specialist.

You’ve seen women who are tip-toeing, limping, crawling, and hopping their way in high heels.  And if that someone is you, don’t worry, I won’t tell anyone.  It has to stop. Take note of these four major keys to rocking high heels:

funny girl falling in high heels

🔑 #1: Get your size, not someone elses’ – That horrible feeling when you see a pair that you really want but they only have size 7 and you need an 8 is enough to buy them anyway.  But don’t do it.  No matter how much they have reduced the price.   Obviously, there won’t be any strutting going on if the shoes don’t fit.   Try them on.   Keep in mind that your feet will naturally shift a bit forward as you walk.  Make sure there’s enough room for your toes to twinkle and they aren’t rubbing the back of your heel.

girl in shoe store falling in high heels

🔑 #2: Break ’em in – Shoes get even more comfortable when they have a bit of wear on them. Strut them around the house to break them in before taking them for a spin outside.  Or try using a shoe stretcher.

girl falling in high heels

🔑 #3: Balance Your Lady Lumps – Heels basically make you walk on the balls of your feet.  And even on your tip toes in some cases.  Which makes posture a major key!  Shoulders back, tummy pulled in, and booty poked out is ideal.  It will help to keep you centered and balanced too.  No wobbling for you.

girls walking in high heels

🔑 #4: Be confident – Confidence is a major key when it comes to doing anything.  Because if you don’t believe it, no one else will.

Share these tips and let’s stop wobbling women everywhere!  Are you a Stiletto Specialist? Share a tip!

Stay Fearless 💋

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