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NYFW: Tommy Hilfiger’s Fall 2016

Tommy Hilfiger is breaking the old-school rules of the runway and giving instant access to the Fall 2016 Hilfiger Collection and the new TommyXGigi capsule. These are the greatest hits, remixed and restyled for the digital age and shoppable the moment the lights go up. Looks like he is facing a brand new era, just like Tom Ford.

They look to the classic codes of our 30-year arsenal – nautical, sport, rock-and-roll, Americana – and give everything a modern day swagger. They have played with proportions and fabrics, making signature details pop. It’s nautical meets street. Inspired by Gigi Hadid and designed to be worn as you like it.

A true democratization of fashion, so get on board – this is #TOMMYNOW.

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