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A Chic Sense of Humor – Centinelle’s Scarves and Pocket Squares


San Francisco-based Centinelle is known for its rich “stories in silk” that capture the imagination with its whimsical and vivid line of scarves and pocket squares. For Centinelle’s designer Cristina Rose-Guizar, each of her prints tells a humorous story. Rose-Guizar’s fantasy and myth-based prints are first sketched then digitized to be printed on pure silk.

Rose-Guizar, who studied fashion design in Mexico City, brings elements of Hispanic culture into her designs. Permanent collection scarf print, “Coyote and Raspberry” and new arrival print, “Punky Donkey” are just a few of the traditionally-inspired motifs printed on scarves and pocket squares that Centinelle offers.


She finds designing each of her limited edition prints fun and enjoys sharing her sense of humor. Her distinctive designs include cats being abducted by aliens, as well as animals pedaling boats. She hopes that each design brings others a smile or two.

“There is a piece for everyone, for any style and for any personality, although the stories are personal and, at the same time, the designs are chic and contemporary,”

says Rose-Guizar.

Crafted by hand, Centinelle scarves and pocket squares can be found across LA at Burro in Venice, Yolk in Silver Lake, Library Store in Downtown, Treehaus on Glendale Boulevard and online at coyote02ps-punkeydunkey-03

As Rose-Guizar’s describes the working environment at Centinelle,

“Our team is very small, but I try and make the atmosphere as relaxed as possible. It’s important to me that the fun in the design is carried through the personalities working with Centinelle.”

Craftsmanship remains a prominent feature of the brand as well as promoting ethical production practices.


“I’m a stickler for high-quality production and have carefully selected my producers to ensure my admiration for great quality is reflected in every piece and I have ensured that all of my manufacturers meet high ethical standards,”

states Rose-Guizar whose American designed prints are manufactured in China and India.

Wearing a Centinelle silk scarf means having a distinctive accessory that is a work of art that reflects your unique personality. Centinelle’s creative designs are limited edition, high-quality pieces that make a statement wherever life’s adventures take you.


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