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How To Master Matte Lips

The time is approaching when we swap our summer loves for the warmness of fall. A trend making this transition with us is matte lips. This 90’s look it not the easiest to crack, often we are left with a thick layer of colour highlighting our dry skin. However our little tips will ensure that in this upcoming season you can master matte.

Found on Pinterest/
Found on Pinterest/

Tip 1

Begin by exfoliating by either using a scrub or even your old toothbrush. This will remove the build up of dead skin cells that cause an uneven texture.

Tip 2

To reduce the appearance of any dryness, a lip balm can be applied to add moisture. Leave the balm to soak fully into the lips before beginning your application. Lip balm should also be applied once the lip product is removed to allow the skin to gain back moisture.

Tip 3

Use a lip liner. By using a liner you can form the shape of your lips easier, even adding slight changes to enhance your natural shape. Lip liner also helps the product to sit long meaning you do not have to reapply as often thus reducing the chance of sore lips.


Tip 4

The application of the matte lipstick should be in light layers. This allows you to build up the product, creating a bolder look, without the dryness.  It also means that when removing the product there is less force on the lip which prevents any damage.



Found on
Found on

Tip 5

If the product has gone over the area of the lips use concealer to conceal the errors. This prevents you having to reapply the product.

Hopefully these little steps have increased your confidence to find your inner Kylie Jenner and go matte! The next step is to find your shades for fall.

Megan Tattersley

Megan Tattersley is a creative happy student who loves to explore the world of fashion. She hopes to further her studies by gaining a degree in Journalism.

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