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Learn How to Fold and Wear a Pocket Square

A suit pocket square can be folded in many ways. The prestige fold is the most commonly used fold and it is also called as the “TV” fold. Spread the square flat and then fold it into half. Fold the other end facing towards the center. Then you need to fold the bottom end up to halfway. Then insert it inside your front pocket with a small amount protruding out.

Pocket Square

Cotton material is usually preferred and the best material you will want to wear your pocket squares.

How to choose a pocket square correctly?

You will want to make sure that the color of the pocket square and your shirt or suit, don’t blend with each other. In the sense, when you are wearing a dark colored suit, then avoid wearing a dark colored pocket square. Colors like maroon, blue, light pink, and others will blend in well. Similarly, when wearing a light colored suit, you will want to ensure that you wear a dark colored pocket square inside.

The colors of your shirt, ties, and cufflinks all go in the same line. Wear all of them and stand in front of the mirror and observe from all angles to ensure that nothing is amiss. This will ensure that you are wearing the right kind of clothing and accessories to go along. You do want to make yourself the man that everyone wants to see in the room, then dress like one.

Browse through the Internet

You will want to spend some time browsing through the Internet and finding out more about the pocket square as well as on handkerchiefs for men. There are many blogs and forums which can provide you with immense information about the different kinds of pocket squares, the materials they come in, and most importantly teach you how to fold them correctly.

There are several online tutorials which teach you to do so, in great lengths. Just spend some time on them and will become a master of wearing and folding pocket square with your suit in no time. As always it is important that the color combination of the suit, shirt, handkerchief, and pocket square blend with each other, to help you stand out from the crowd.

You will want to use your imagination and come up with different combinations of your own depending on the occasion. It is fine to experiment a little, but not go overboard. The key is to always keep the rule of thumb in hand. Avoid matching the color of the pocket square and suit as the very purpose is ruined.

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