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7 Colombian Designers You Should Know

Colombian Designers
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Colombian Designers - Carlo Carrizosa
7 Colombian Designers You Should Know
Carlo Carrizosa

Carlo Carrizosa is an eponymous luxury ready-to-wear women’s brand that was founded in 2014. While studying at the prestigious Parson´s School of Design, Carlo Carrizosa developed the idea for creating a new clothing line based on collaboration with artisanal textile communities. His idea would eventually become one a primary tenet for the Carlo Carrizosa line. Using fabrics hand crafted by artisanal Colombian textile communities, Caririzosa’s designs are modern, based in the sartorial structure of men’s tailoring while maintaining a uniquely feminine sensibility. The designer’s most recent collection, leverages volume, asymmetry and layering to create a refined, yet distinct look.

Colombian Designers - Johanna Ortiz
7 Colombian Designers You Should Know
Johanna Ortiz

Among the truly dedicated fashionistas, the name Johanna Ortiz has already garner fandom worldwide. With celebrities like Amanda Seyfried gracing the cover of US Vogue wearing Johanna Ortiz designs, some would say that Johanna’s train has already arrived. However, Johanna’s star continues to rise. With an aesthetic that is a perfect marriage between the sensibility classic designers like Dior and Valentino with Colombian and other Latin American influences, it’s no wonder her design’s are becoming the new go-to for celebrities and stylists.

Colombian Designer - Renata Lozano
7 Colombian Designers You Should Know
Renata Lozano

The Renata Lozano aesthetic can be easily summed up as elegance and beauty inspired by nature. Drawing upon nature for the inspiration of everything from the color palette to prints and fabrics, Renata Lozano designs have an airy romanticism evocative of small artisanal designers from the distant past. By including designs by illustrator Natalia Swarz (who drew a landscape highlighting the crane, the company's signature bird) and the contribution of artisans to refine the collection with embroidery and gemstones Renata Lozano has created a transcendent feminine collection that bends the rules enough to add a contemporary twist to classic design.

Colombia Designer - Monica Holguin
7 Colombian Designers You Should Know
Mónica Holguín for Pepa Pombo

Pepa Pombo is the the name of a brand launched by Colombian-born designer Pepa Pombo in 1978. This family-run fashion brand gained notoriety relatively soon after it’s introduction in both Mexico and Colombia. In 2002 Pepa Pombo named her daughter, Mónica Holguín as creative director to keep the brand vibrant for a new generation. At the heart of the brands designs are originality, creativity and functionality – as evidenced by the fact that the company is responsible for the creation of every element of the final garment design starting at the textiles/fabrics and have added some reversible pieces to increase functionality. During Colombia Moda 2016 Pepa Pombo summarized the brand by saying: “No one ever turns around to look at you because you’re the same as everyone else. They look at you because you’re different. Our uniqueness is how our brand survives.”

Colombian Designers - Paola Tarazon & Lorena Cuevas Restrepo
7 Colombian Designers You Should Know
Paola Tarazon & Lorena Cuevas Restrepo for Mulierr

Designers Lorena Cuevas Restrepo and Paola Tarazona are the one-two punch behind the fashion-forward label Mulierr. Like so many of the Colombian designers we encountered during Colombia Moda (Colombian Fashion Week), Restrepo and Tarazona are focused on more than just aesthetics. They are also very focused on the fabrics and supply chain of their line. Using primarily organic cotton and cotton-silk blends, the designers adeptly incorporate multiple layers, geometric shapes and and intricate knitwear to create sophisticated modern silhouettes. The brand name “Mulierr” means “woman” in Latin and has a meaning beyond the obvious connection to their clothes, but also has a connection to the women they support. The designers employ single women and those with disabilities in the creation of their garments, providing them with safe working conditions and the opportunity to earn an income. The designer duo are no strangers to the U.S. as they are both S.C.A.A.D. (Savanah College of Art and Design) alums and presented a collection during LA Fashion Week in October 2015.

Colombian Designers - Lia Samantha
7 Colombian Designers You Should Know
Lia Samantha

Lia Samantha, the creative brainchild of singer/designer Lia Samantha Lozano Rendón stands out from other designers in Colombia and abroad for her skillful blending of African prints and fabrics with European and Latin American sensibility. While most attempts at integrating African design elements into modern fashion usually result in a formulaic regurgitation of traditional African clothing that can be alienating to some, Lia Samantha’s pieces are refreshingly vibrant with a cultural awareness that is accessible to all. Lia Samantha’s designs are increasingly in demand and worn by women ranging from Miss Universe 2014, Paulina Vega, to TV presenters and everyday office professionals.

Colombian Designers - David Alfonso
7 Colombian Designers You Should Know
David Alfonso for Erikó

Beginning his career as an architect in Colombia, designer David Alfonso’s journey into the world of fashion was definitely unique – leading him to leave Colombia to study fashion design in Buenos Aires. Upon returning to Colombia, he decided to create a menswear line as a response to what he saw as the lack of attention to menswear in the fashion industry. His goal was to create a line the utilized both color and texture to express the audacity he believed was integral to the definition of manhood. He wanted to create a line for the modern man who is willing to take risks and is self-assured. Since it’s inception, Erikó designs have remained true to David Alfonso’s vision – as evidenced in his most recent collection where his colorful designs are paired with black skirts.

At the end of the July LA Fashion Magazine attended Colombia Moda, Colombia’s fashion week and discovered some amazingly talented designers that you will want to have on your list if you truly want to be the leader of the fashionista pack.

Although, Colombia Moda may be largely unknown to average person, we discovered that it is one of the fashion world’s hidden gems and the designers in this list definitely prove it.

Lowell Taylor

Lowell Taylor


Lowell Taylor is an LA-based fashion photographer and writer with an affinity for the new and novel.

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