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Seeing Double l Q&A

I guess the saying “It takes two” really goes, at least it does for twins Nina and Nita, who have moved from Europe to L.A and are now living the American Dream.

Having moved in 2012, Nina and Nita have already accomplished soo much. The dynamic duo have already appeared on Tyra Bank’s Fab life and a few other national TV shows and you probably have seen them at some fashion events as they are also fashion bloggers and models.

I got to chat with them a few days ago and asked them a few questions.

When did you girls move to LA?

We came to the U.S first time in 2012 to study.

How did your blog start?

We have been passionate about writing and telling stories and wanted to write about our lifestyles, and fashion in general – especially focusing on our twin style. We’ve been also asked to write blog. Writing a blog is not just good for you to share your thoughts (it’s therapeutic, by the way) but also it’s good for giving different thoughts and perspectives for people as well. In fashion, we want to do it “double” and represent fashion as twins – which is something we also like to write about. 

Can you read each other’s minds?

It’s funny that, very often, we think about exactly the same thing at the same time. Sometimes we also finish each other’s sentences. Reading each other’s minds is impossible, though – even for twins. 

and lastly…

What are some of your favourite brands

 Favourite designers, there are many. Ferocious Couture, which we are wearing in the picture below, has amazingly beautiful gowns and dresses with beautiful texture.  Zuhair Murad’s gowns are also beautiful, feminine and creative, we like her style. Alexander McQueen and Valentino always make creative clothes; the colours and shapes are amazing. 

Nina and Nita LA


Andrea Lewin


Andrea Lewin is an Australian based fashion stylist as well as a lifestyle blogger. Andrea is slightly celebrity obsessed and is always keeping up with who is dating who and what's the on-trend fashion.

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