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Inside Mrs. Fish in Downtown LA



If you happen to be strolling in Downtown Los Angeles on a Thursday night, you just might stumble upon a modish pair of dark doors, down a ‘bat-cave-like’ iron stair case, and into a lively underground chambre that is, Mrs. Fish. Burrowed in the basement of a historic Pershing Square building, Mrs. Fish is Downtown’s premiere underground discotheque – fashionably crisp, and chic around the edges. You pass underneath an impressive 5,500 gallon aquarium chandelier to a full bar area, complete with a snazzy cocktail menu, and a variety of tasty food options.




Without contest, the hottest thing about Mrs. Fish in Downtown Los Angeles is it’s live musical performances. Featuring some of the best in local talent, Mrs. Fish is the ideal micro-venue for an intimate musical experience this summer.

I recently caught myself inside Mrs. Fish – Cucumber Cooler in hand – enjoying the musical stylings of Los Angeles-based band, The Steady 45s. The 45’s (a lyrical reference to traditional Jamaican music phonograph records played at 45 rpm) perform a popular 1960s style of Jamaican music better known as Rocksteady, with an authentically vintage trace. Ah yes…some good traditional Jamaican music – a perfect musical pair to my summer cocktail, if there ever was one.

Memorable Live performance by The Steady 45s at Mrs Fish – great venue for an intimate musical experience this summer
Mrs. Fish
Mrs. Fish


Mrs. Fish is open 7 p.m. – 2 a.m., Thursday through Saturday nights, and even offers a ‘Late Happy Hour’ Thursday and Friday nights, 7 p.m. – 9 p.m. You can easily get valet parking at the club, but if you enjoy buzzing around the downtown nightlife by foot, you can park at any of the nearby public parking lots for a small fee (Usually $5-$15). Cool Tip: Save some ‘chips, you can typically find free street parking near Mrs. Fish after 8 p.m. FYI.

Don’t miss the action underground, every Thursday through Saturday night at Mrs. Fish in historic downtown Los Angeles.


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