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Grinko FW16 – Milan Fashion Week



It’s called “Belief + Doubt = Sanity”, the new GRINKO collection for next Fall/Winter 2016-17, indeed, is a slogan to be recited and screamed in a procession. Designer, Sergei Grinko praises purely experimental freedom with those three terms. With this equation of full consciousness there arises reasonable doubts in front of dogmas.

Once again the work of GRINKO is going back to the typical neo-romantic themes. It is experimental and going towards an introspective journey that mixes different levels and times, in a clash of eras and styles to their strident and in some respects conflicting aspects, such as the Victorian Time, with the Eighties punk. However, corroborated by a Japanese cultural heritage that has influenced Grinko since his childhood.

Certainly the most iconic garment is the oversize bomber, which draws inspiration from the London punk street styles, but it is revisited and elaborated through unique brocades inspired by nature from the ultramarine blue tones.

The symbol of this season is the “Goldenfish,” reflected in a human face, which turns it through an extremely innovative three-dimensional game, almost finding its own and exclusive movement.

The lace crochet used by GRINKO is groundbreaking and nevertheless cool. The lace crochet, exclusive to his line, is rendered highly topical by the combination of materials and unusual shapes.

These different applications create layers and 3D levels that help to give each garment its own identity. The palette ranges from yellow to english green, passing through pink and arriving at ultramarine blue and black.

Finally, the innovative use of a new form of knitwear can be spun in order to create countless colorful Jacquards, with the option to be light.

These beautifully constructed shoes made by Mario Valentino for GRINKO draw near to the shopper and clutch bags, (GRINKO licensed by GORRERI) carried as comfortable backpacks.



MILAN, ITALY – FEBRUARY 24, 2016:  (Photos by Tullio M. Puglia/Getty Images for Grinko)
Direction management: Angela Marcato
Stylist: Alexis Knox
Hair Chief designer: Salvo Filetti
Hair: Compagnia della Bellezza
Franges: Balmain Paris Hair Couture
Make-up: AOFMake-up London
Shoes: Mario Valentino for GRINKO
Handbags: GRINKO under licensed by Gorreri
Music designer: Dj Dinero
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