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Redemption Fall Winter 2016 | Paris Fashion Week

Mod sharpness, rock irreverence, edgy sophistication: the Redemption Fall Winter 2016 collection seeks harmony in subcultural oppositions, addressing a syncretistic spirit as the contemporary way forward, and variety as the liberating essence of progress.

This electric ‘n eclectic crossover of high and low, underground and mainstream, avant-garde and pop fueled Andy Warhol’s Factory. This is the ultimate template of progressive multiculturalism.

The refinement, timeless modernity, and Italian craftsmanship are quintessential to Redemption and are expressed in a wardrobe that mixes opposing concepts.

The graphic elegance of A-line dresses are combined with the wild eccentricity of shaggy furs, the mannish sophistication of tailored pantsuits with the sleek finery of long silk georgette gowns, and the swagger of the tuxedo with the stern sobriety of maxi-coats.

Cuts are precise and materials are luxurious, offering a sense of rethought classicism that defies passing trends. Outerwear is precise and decisive with cashmere coats, patent-trimmed slim suede trench coats, and embroidered biker jackets.

Sartorial patterns such as Prince of Wales checks are cut on the bias, creating an insouciant slouch. Georgette minidresses and long column dresses flare into rhythmic pleats, at once intricate and graphic. Embroideries appear on suits, dresses and knitwear pieces.

Vests, dinner shirts and lean tailoring are a nod to the inexorable juxtaposition of the masculine and the feminine.

Creative Director : Bebe Moratti
Casting Director : Piergiorgio Del Moro – Giulia Massullo @ Exposureny

Production : OBO

Make up Artist : Tom Pecheux @ Calliste
Hair Stylist : David Mallett @ Marie-France Thavonekham

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