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How to Get Natural Looking Wavy Hair


My Quick Tips to get Natural Looking Wavy Hair:

1. Start with towel dry hair

2. Work in a volume mousse of choice into the hair

3. Gently brush your hair

4. Blow dry. For extra volume do it upside down!

5. Gently brush your hair again and may use a heat protection.

6. Curl the hair: I use my Curl Revolution curling iron from Remington that curls up the hair by itself but any curling iron will work! The bigger the barrel, the better. Also don’t hold the iron in the hair for too long to achieve a looser wavy look.

7. Set your curls with a light weight hair spray.

8. Now brush your hair very gently to make the look more natural.

Et voilà!

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Michèle Krüsi


Michèle, owner of the blog, The Fashion Fraction, grew up in a tiny hamlet in Switzerland but now resides in Zurich – the “secret capital” of Switzerland – where she works full-time as a graphic designer for an advertising agency to finance her obsession for high-cost designer shoes. As a high-powered fashion addict, Michèle created the blog to spice up her business life with some more variety and above all with more fashion related content.

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