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Get The Look|Chic Half Bun

How to create a chic Half Bun:
1. Start with dry hair
2. For Volume: spray “
Toni & Guy Sky High Glamour Dry Shampoo” into the hairline and work in
3. Take the front section of your hair (parted from the ear or the temples – just as you like)
4. Take back the hair strands
5. Tie them into a “mini dutt”
6. For thin hair like mine, use a comb to tease your hair gently
7. Now wind this hair strand around the “mini dutt”
8. Use several hair pins to fix it.
9. For strong hold: Use 
Toni&Guy “Style Spray Wax” on the bun
10/11. To tame baby hair: put the 
Style Spray Wax on the fingers and sweep the little hair away
12. Optional: Curl the rest of the hair or make the bun messier with your fingers by pulling hair out

Photos: Joy Oelen, Hair: Anja Gasser, Edit & Art Direction: Michèle Krüsi
In collaboration with Toni&Guy.




Michèle Krüsi


Michèle, owner of the blog, The Fashion Fraction, grew up in a tiny hamlet in Switzerland but now resides in Zurich – the “secret capital” of Switzerland – where she works full-time as a graphic designer for an advertising agency to finance her obsession for high-cost designer shoes. As a high-powered fashion addict, Michèle created the blog to spice up her business life with some more variety and above all with more fashion related content.

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