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B&B Apparel Taking Action

Kande Monroy, a local emerging designer, and owner of B&B Apparel stands out from the crowd.   With the launch of his newest collection in just a few weeks, Monroy, has already began to make a positive impact in the fashion industry. Raising awareness and breaking the “norm” of the standard working conditions in which most seamstresses work in on a daily basis, Monroy is doing what he can to make a difference in the industry. The big picture is to create a movement for change on behalf of the often forgotten true backbone of any manufacturing business, seamstresses. These employees are often under paid and their working environment is poor. Commonly seamstresses are working in poorly ventilated facilities that are overcrowded with workers and machines. Monroy plans on creating an intimate, comfortable, and stress free creative workspace for his employees. His studio will double as both a showroom and manufacturing space hosting 5-6 seamstresses. Monroy hopes that by combining these two key elements to his brand in one studio he will be able to create a personal and respectful relationship between his team and clients. In addition, Monroy will only be manufacturing in America to create local jobs, and ensure the working conditions of his team are held to his standard. Keeping true to his motto, “Made in America holds no value unless it has meaning behind it.” B&B Apparel is a brand you will want to keep an eye out for, because it is both fashionable and created with good intentions.

B&B Apparel


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