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My Front Row Diary [MBFWB Day 2]: Rebekka Ruetz, Esther Perbandt

Second day at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Berlin:

by Louann “Emmalynn” von Brochwitz
Copyright Collaborator: Tu Anh Tran
A joint venture with Standard Deviation Endeavor

Backstage to meet with Rebekka Ruetz for a before-the-show interview

With our feet still aching from the first day, we took a taxi to the Brandenburg gate and proceeded directly backstage to meet with Rebekka Ruetz for a before-the-show interview. The designer, in her silky long blond hair and a cream color shirt from her newest collection, gave us a hug while smiling sweetly. We started with the interview right away as her backstage schedule was packed for the event [Rebekka Ruetz Special Feature]. After the interview, we headed straight to the runway show.

S/S 2016 Rebekka Ruetz Runway Show “A Touch of Frida”

Apropos to the title – A Touch of Frida – flowing dresses with abstract and eclectic print appeared on the runway. Models walked down the runway donning semi unibrow with bold belts accompanying over the knee skirts and lace dresses. Hues of brown, red and creamy white dominates the collection. Compared to previous years, this is perhaps Rebekka Ruetz’ best collection yet as each piece in the collection has a unique and fresh look, borderline on the verge of art.


+DSCF1578 +DSCF1580 +DSCF1581 +DSCF1584 +DSCF1586 +DSCF1593 +DSCF1594 +DSCF1597 +DSCF1599 +DSCF1601 +DSCF1602 +DSCF1603

After the Rebecca Ruetz runway show, we had a drink outside in the tent and snapped several street fashion photographs. With so many fabulous fashionistas around, it’s not easy picking the best outfits for our streetwear segment. With four hours until the next runway show, we decided to experience the Berlin life and took the subway back to our apartment. It seems that Berliners aren’t used to fashionably dressed ladies as we received plenty of surprised stares from subway goers. Sure, we stood out probably like a sore eye to some, but we felt fabulous riding the subway to and from the runway shows, when schedules permit, that is.

Heading to the Esther Perbandt runway show

S/S 2016 Esther Perbandt Runway Show “Tears for the Impatients”

9:30 pm rolls around when we gathered inside at our front row seats for the Esther Perbandt show. An unexpected delay kept us waiting outside in anticipation for quite sometime. Surely it isn’t easy standing for long in our sky-high stilettos, but we endured the pain for the fabulous show ahead.


Electronic music filled the stage as the audience anxiously waited for the show to begin. Then the light dimmed and the show began. Staying true to her signature theme, the show started with techno-electronic music, following by an appearance of a black ensemble opera singer. Her voice is like that of an angel. Slowly, she walks down the runway trailing by a long black train of soft fabric. Half way down the runway, she is joined by a male opera singer wearing all white with a similar white fabric train. Together they delivered melody that filled up the room.


Once they both reached the beginning of the runway, a model appeared and walked down the runway in a sharp skirt and top, both black as night. Staying true to her signature color palette, pieces after pieces appeared down the runway in a mix of black and white.

+DSCF1634 +DSCF1638 +DSCF1640 +DSCF1641 +DSCF1645 +DSCF1648 +DSCF1656 +DSCF1669 DSCF1663bw

After the show, amongst the chaos we were ushered backstage for our interview with Esther Perbandt. The designer, in her black stilettos, gave commands to her staff while giving answers to questions being directed at her from one reporter to the next. When it was our turn, she smiled and pointed at a chair at a corner. “How about we sit for the interview?” [Esther Perbandt Special Feature]

We couldn’t help but noticed how unique and creative Esther Perbandt’s mind works. She is unlike that of a designer but rather an artist! Spur of the moment designs, serendipity inspirations, these are parts of the process that goes into the designs of her collection. It is as though she is able to create very real results from randomness, just like that of the mathematical goals in chaos theory.

Holy Ghost After-Show party at Haubentaucher

Once we’ve finished with our interview with Esther Perbandt, we debated on which after show parties to attend. Unable to pick one, we hailed a taxi and rode to a discrete location in the heart of Berlin. Cold rain started dropping as we navigated through old cobble stone streets – an uneven surface that isn’t particularly kind for high heels – but a girl gotta look good and there’s a price for looking fabulous and we were willing to pay a steep one.

Once we’ve arrived at Crackers, the party was already in motion as drinks were flowing within the crowded bar. The night was still young when we departed to the Holy Ghost after party at another location in East Berlin. Taking place in an old factory, we were led through two separate entrances before arriving to the main dance floor area. Despite the frigid and rainy weather outside, the party was packed with almost no room to move. The night ended as we left the last after-show party after mingling with a couple of cute Berliners outside next to the pool where the runway has taken place just hours earlier.

Holy Ghost After-Show party at Haubentaucher


Louann [Emmalynn] von Brochwitz

Louann von Brochwitz [also known as Emmalynn] is the enfant terrible in the fashion industry: She is a self-proclaimed Dadaist (I am ugliness in beauty and I am nonsense in sense) and the only High Fashion Contortion Model. As her talent for creating iconic imagery grew, Louann’s passion for mathematics became an academic achievement few can equal: She is currently working on her Ph.D. in mathematics in California and above all she is also creative directing vanguard fashion editorials… Sit front row at Fashion Week with her by following her Front Row Diary on The LA Fashion Magazine. Louann brings you all the latest news from the runway and captivating moments from the strange, but marvelous world of fashion. In addition, she lets you peek behind the scenes at her conceptual fashion editorial shoots.

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